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What makes them "rare" isn't simply how many were made, but also when they were made, how many are still around, and whether THOSE are still sought by collectors. The first one was made in 1903 last one was made in 1929, and that one was probably made sometime around 1910 (just guessing), so it may be over 100 years old.

I notice he says nothing about condition. That's critical. And he seems to have borrowed descriptive language directly from the Blue Book.

My two-year old Fjestad Blue Book considers them pricey, if not rare -- and prices vary from $5,000 in 100% condition, to 4,000 in 98%, $2,750 in 95%, down to $750 in 60% condition. I suspect they've gone up a little since 2011, but not a lot.

If you've got box and instructions, add 20% to the price. If you find one with the early round hammer, the BB says add 30%.

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