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Help Identifying a Mauser

I did some trading and ended up with a Mauser. I've wanted one for awhile but havent really been actively looking for one. I dont have much invested in it so if it turns out to be junk I'm not out much. I've never owned one before so I dont know what all the numbers, letters, and symbols mean. I'm sure there are some knowledgeable folks on here that can tell me all about them. Here's what I know, (or think I know) its a German model 98 8mm with a 23" barrel. I think some of the symbols are known as "Waffen Marks." The guy that I got it from said that it was made in 1944 and was some kind of special "sniper version" but I dont know where he got that from. From the way he talked about it I'm not sure he had any idea what it was. It is drilled and tapped for scope mounts and the iron sights have been removed. Its in a good looking Fajen walnut sporter stock that I like. Other than the bluing being gone where the iron sights used to be the gun is in great shape for its age. Here are some pics of the gun and the markings. Can somebody tell me what I've got?

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