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GI 1911a1. If I wanted a good shooting 1911a1 it would most likely not be a colt ether . That is one firearm that can be better under other names.
Which is precisely why many people preferred USFA versions of Colt classics; they had a reputation for being made better than what was currently available from Colt. People will pay for collectibility, and they will also pay for quality; high quality is one of the reasons certain firearms become collectible--especially when they're not made anymore. Affordable original Colt Lightnings in excellent condition are very expensive. USFA versions are pricey and getting more so, but they are still affordable. I don't buy firearms to stare at them in my safe; I buy them to shoot, and I appreciate good quality. USFA had an excellent reputation for authenticity and quality, and their finer examples were works of art. Then they went off the deep end and started producing junk .22's.

And .45 acp in a rifle? Silly and pointless.
Pros and cons of .45 acp in a rifle aside, this rifle is in .45 Colt (.45 Long Colt to some people).

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