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I appreciate the help. Had a feeling there were some here who had done this before. The bullets pulled fine with the collet puller after I bumped them down a touch with the seater to break the grip of the sealant. The ultrasonic (soap and water) did nothing to the black sealant, but a rag with mineral spirits got the bullets clean, and I dipped a cleaning tip and some patches to do the necks. After de-prime and de-crimp the brass is getting an ultrasonic bath.

The cases inside look good. I had a few with corrosion on the outside that I did not pull. Those four were actually covered with a mud wasp nest and I guess that mud coating kept moisture on the brass over the years.

The powder is now fertilizer, even though I think it was sealed so well it would be fine. I have plenty of 4895 anyway. The way those cartridges were sealed it is no surprise we won WWII. Not only did we have the best soldiers, they had the best equipment.

Deprimed a few, all boxer, with no issue and am getting the feel for taking out the crimp. Minimum starting load in the Lyman 49th is 44 grains of 4895 and the first 5 are going through the old 1903 with that and the original brass and bullets this weekend.
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