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I am not claiming that anyone else should care about the bore axis thing [which is my issue: not the worlds'].

That said, I sold my Sig P220 Combat because my accuracy was worse with that than any 1911 I've fired, worse than my Ruger P97 [not a slouch in the whole bore axis component either], and worse than the M&P .45. I haven't fired a Glock .45 [is that the model 21?] for comparison. I was even worse than the H&K USP.45compact.

I sold the Sig and H&K.

All I was really attempting to do is identify that what is a personal quirk for one person is NOT an indictment of the gun. My father has one and loves it [.40, I believe: he's in another state.]. I know people at the range who have them and love them.

I personally have enough other options that work very well and feel better in my hand: so I've never bothered to spend money on another good design that just doesn't sit right with me.

However, what is my issue is just that: MY issue. I am NOT claiming anything about the performance of the Xd lineup. All I know about the performance is good things, from word of mouth. But I have enough 9mm/.40S&W/.45acp semi-auto handguns [for now]. I find the 1911 and BHP to fit my hands better than almost anything else I've tried.

If someone gave me an Xd, and I didn't have so many bills to pay, I'd try it and keep it. From what I've read/heard, I have no problem recommending it to others as a life saving tool. I'd just prefer something else, for PURELY personal reasons.

But heck, I dislike Apple products also. I like Android platform devices, so what do I know.

[btw, I won't talk any more about the bore axis here. I was just trying to identify that everyone has personal tastes, and they are all different. Thankfully, we have choices! for now ]
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