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Originally Posted by stevelyn
I'm also thinking it'd be a good bullet for GP up in the interior too. I'm laying in supplies and equipment now for casting after studying under the expert tootledge of one of my buds who casts. The RCBS .45-270-SAA and the Lyman 255gr Thompson design are the two I've settled on for now.

For my purposes out here on the AKPEN, I'm still going to stick with the 330gr Stoners.
I don't disagree. I tried a bunch of bullets, and added a Vaquero to my stable lately. I am loading a 230gr Truncated Cone to 750fps for steel target matches, the 270SAA to about 900fps for general duty including camping in interior Alaska, and still looking for a heavier bullet to take into the mountains if I go north into white bear country or south into salmon fed bear country.

I really like the 255gr Keith style SWC, but I can do so much more with the 270SAA (eg 9month CCW in town only versus year round CCW in town and open carry sidearm in the out of town); I can't justify loading and stocking both.

Best of luck to you.
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