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Mine must be defective from the way people say how crappy they shoot.

3 shots at 50 yards with iron sights in heavy wind that was moving the target. Shot in a semi seated position using my knee to rest my elbow on. It could do better with someone that has better eye sight, and is steadier than I am.
is that supposed to be comical?
you are shooting from a non stable platform, with heavy outside influences further increasing instability and shooting at a moving target and then you think that because your shots randomly landed near eachother at 50 yards that it is accurate? 100 yards is the standard, non moving targets, stable shooting surfaces, and little outside interferance is how you calculate accuracy. you pretty much voided your entire argument.

even if that group was done in the specified conditions, that 1 1/4 inch group at 100 yards equates to 2 1/2 MOA, not exactly a tack driver.
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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