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See, I just don't get the whole "higher bore axis" thing. Hold a cocked XD/XDm in a shooting grip and then look at where the cocked status indicator is. Bore axis may not be quite as low as the Glock's, but it looks pretty low compared to DA autoloaders, particularly the SIG/Sauer P-220 which seasoned SIG shooters hardly ever complain about. The much heavier front rails of the XD/XDm make those on the Glock and H&K appear to be miniscule. Whatever height difference between the XD/XDm vs. Glock is a direct result of the much more substantial rails on the XDm, which BTW, are integral to the locking block ala SIG, and are replaceable, if ever necessary.

To me, my XDm is very easy shooting and just this past Sunday I fired 185 gr. +P Golden Sabers through it and recoil was just barely more noticeable than shooting standard pressure 230 gr. JHPs. Not much to speak of, and the polymer frame does absorb a good bit of it. Fired the same rounds through my shooting partners all steel Combat Commander and recoil was definitely higher than shooting that same load in my XDm.
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