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Well i originally sighted at 50 feet and I had it set in pretty good but it was definently at the max elevation at that point.. I went to tighten the screws down and screwed it all up... So today i started at 75 feet just because the scope has a setting for 25 yards.. there is no setting for 50 feet.. the settings go 3 yards, 5 yards, 25 yards, 50 yards, 100 yards, infinity

Even at 15 feet/5 yards it was still way low..

I havent measured but I will later, the scope is sitting on top of the carry handle on the gun so it may be higher then 2.5 inches.

I can get scope rings that are 5mm shorter... would that make much of a difference if the scope is after all higher then 2.5 inches?
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