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Some 3rd Gens have a bad or mixed rep--IIRC some mid (80s?) production deservedly so...Since some folks' experience hs been perfectly fine and you could luck out, to me there's still enough caution to suggest buy in person if you can or from someone with a refund policy. From mid 2003 or so (I don't recall the serial #), Colt reintroduced the removeable cylinder bushing present in all 1st and 2nd Gen SAAs (1873-1975) which also seemed to coincide with a re-dedication to overall quality. Though some, including Colt, protest the term as "the bushing alone doesn't signify enough of a design or manufacturing change to warrant a new generation," others including myself informally call these "4th Gens." My 2008/9 is outstanding and right up there IMO with most 2nd Gens I've handled.

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