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Things that work against a well executed, fast draw:

Eight thousand draws with a standard IWB holster. Different is different. It's bad to execute one procedure with the wrong holster.

Things that work against accumulating eight thousand draws with a tuckable holster:

It takes considerably longer to holster and then tuck your shirt back in around the holster than it does to holster. If you don't tuck your shirt back in, you're not training the way you'd fight.

Things to consider once you have nine thousand draws with one system and eight thousand with the other: don't forget which system you're wearing. Change is bad.

After two range sessions, I went back to a VM-II. During a gunfight, the draw is not the place I want to think, concentrate or analyze. I want to put the same amount of thought into the draw as I do when I'm using a clutch to drive.
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