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Well, the revolvers I grew up with, Dan Wesson, S&W and Rugers had far better triggers than they do today. Particularly in single action. A service auto just doesn't compare until you start talking about 1911s. One thing that makes 1911s so shootable along with lighter pull weights is that most triggers have an overtravel stop as some older revolvers had. My Dan Wesson had one fitted to the frame and was simply outstanding.

I bought an XDm 4.5 in .45 ACP in June of 2010. I had previously owned a 5" tactical model in .40 S&W. I have large hands so the TAC grip and trigger reach were a bit short for me, so I sold it about the time that SA introduced the XD in .45 ACP. Didn't buy an XD in .45 and that was probably a good thing as the standard XD doesn't function well with SWCs. SO when I ordered my XDm sight unseen as soon as they were announced, I also ordered a PRP "Match Easy Fit" trigger kit and installed it before I shot the first round through the pistol after only dry firing it. With this kit, the overtravel stop was an internal part that I had to fit. Luckily, I nailed it right on the money. My pull weight is just about 4# which I have no issue in using for a defense pistol because the rule of discipline mandates that you keep your finger off the trigger until your ready to fire, anyway. The PRP kit eliminated take-up, dramatically improved the trigger pull and reset is very short. Partly due to the overtravel stop. Now the kits come with the overtravel stop integral on the rear of the trigger, and much easier to set.

With Glocks and M&Ps you can make definite improvements to the trigger, but since they are semi DAO mechanisms you can't eliminate the overtravel as readily as you can with the XDm's single action trigger. I've been handgunning for over 35 years and I've never had a service auto with a better trigger that didn't say 1911 on the slide and cost at least twice the price of what I have invested in my XDm. I haven't done anything whatsoever to the striker and find no reason to do so. The toughest part of the install was getting accurate alignment of the striker safety lever, but the only fitting I did was to the overtravel stop, and as I said, PRP changed that over a year ago with their new trigger that has the overtravle stop molded into the rear of the trigger.

For a carry XDm, I recommend the "Ultimate Easy" kit that runs about $110 directly from PRP. The springs are not so light as the "Match" kit and there's no need to do anything to the striker. You'll get a clean crisp trigger with no take-up, shorter reset with no overtravel and installation is easier than with the kit I used, but I guarantee you, I could not be more pleased after having done this over 2 1/2 years ago.
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