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I believe the reason many 1911's have speed bumps is also the reason many of them have front cocking serrations and FLGR's. It's all about the show, not the go. I personally hate a speed bump on 1911 grip safety because I don't like the way it presses into my hand. I find them completely useless, and much prefer the bumpless ones.
I can't agree with you on the 1911 speed bump issue. For me it makes the 1911 better. However, I like arched mainspring housings. With the arched mainspring housing [1911a1 style, not 1911 style of flat] I was occasionally getting a failure to fire with my 1911 unless I gave it a deathgrip, which affected my accuracy.

I swapped out a speed bump style grip safety and the problem disappeared, while leaving the grip safety blocking the trigger enough to be safe. I could have changed the grip safety engagement surface to solve this problem, but then it really wouldn't have been much of a grip safety.

The XD grip safety is a non-issue to me. I can live with it or without it. The detail on the XD that IS an issue for me [and only me: I am not slamming the design, but identifying my personal reason for not caring to own one] is the perceived higher bore axis.

To be simple, the barrel and slide just feel like they sit too high above my hand, for some reason.
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