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.308 light loads and scope zero

Been dabbling in 308 loading and shooting. I came up with a load that shoots very well at 100 yards.

Right 4 were first then adjusted scope and got the left 3.

I moved the target out to 200 yards and fired the same rounds and got a ~3" drop and ~3" right group that was not nearly as tight.

I attributed this to a light charge, used because of LR magnum primers. No chronological to check velocity either.

So I come here asking...
how much would a standard .308 plinking round drop from 100-200 yards?


Even at longer distance the same round should group as they did at the shorter distance, no?


My.scope is now zeroed for this one round at 100 yards....what should I do about that? Is it OK?

Thanks in advance.
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