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That's a lot of fancy words,
let me get this right-
we have a critter that can be hunted all year long,
lots of people are dying to find something to hunt esp in the off season,
this critter has several hundred pound of excellent meat, that is good for human consumption and animal feed,
and you are telling me the only way to solve this problem is to kill them en mass from a helicopter??? Give everyone a break,
Jeeze-we spend $$$ from the public trough raising fish/fowl/game to replenish animal stocks so we have something to hunt/fish, and this is a made-for-hunters scenario;
you know we have landowners here in Ca who are crying about pigs tearing up their property, except these same greedy B* want to charge hunter $500 to take a pig on their land-they are getting what their greed is asking for,
open it up to hunting, make the tags free or nearly free with no limit-and you have some exciting hunting for a lot of people
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