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. however I wouldn't feel safe with it for carry. It had about as much movement as the trigger in my Springfield TRP 1911 and wasn't much heavier. VERY good... but a little scary for duty/carry (it's a competition trigger after all)..
Good point. I've seen folks on the XD forums mention installing the competition triggers for carry. IMO, and it's just that, that's a bit light for carry. For competition sure. I also would have concerns if a person "needs" a 3.5 lb. trigger to hit effectively. I grew up shooting revolvers so heavy pulls are something I learned to live with and I think trigger weight sometimes gets made into a bigger deal than it it really is.

The newer triggers also have a better reset than the older ones.
I've heard this a few times. The last M&P I did the install on was from June of last year and it was still very rough, but in talking with S&W on the phone they did say they'd be rolling out some improvements. For a service handgun it's probably fine anyway. To me it's just a shame as it has great potential. I'm glad to hear it's getting better from factory.
Know the status of your weapon
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