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Trying to walk a fine line here because I make stocks for the Mosin...and don't want to be seen as critical...

Without getting into the aesthetics, or ergonomics of the stock itself, I just think they've eliminated a large potential market by designing a stock that can't utilize a bent bolt for a "modern" low profile scope mount like the ATI, Rock Solid, or JMeck. This stock is meant to keep the rifle with it's iron sights.

The stock cannot be inletted for a bent bolt because of the hardware for the DBM.

They apparently felt a DBM was a bigger deal than being able to mount a scope.

For me, no optic means it's a non-starter. And no offense to the guys that like pistol scopes on rifles, it's not for me...

I just don't get the big deal with the DBM, but then I never have even with our long-range precision rifles. I'm more about practical, than "tacticool".

And while the Mosin is certainly not a precision rifle, one with a tight action and good barrel CAN shoot minute of angle with handloads (esp. when sporterized)- I'm not the only guy that has one that does...
And a "good one" can make a fun project. Don't underestimate them- the Russians won the Olympic Biathlon with one in '76...and the Finns still use a modern version of it as a sniper rifle- the TKIV 85.
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