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Tips for Anti-2A States

Since a few states have joined the list of Anti-2A states or further restricted the rights of their citizens, I figured we could start a thread with some tips/loopholes on ways to continue upholding their uninfringed 2A rights.

Many members who lived through the Clinton 94 Ban probably recall several useful bits of information. As well, I am sure that member who live outside of the United States have some creative ways of dealing with draconian firearms laws, that are still considered to be legal. Please feel free to add your own.

The source of many of these tips is the internet. Be sure to check the legality of any information in this thread against laws set forth within your own individual state.

Buttstock Tip: In areas that restrict the ownership of certain rifles with pistol grips, a "thumb-hole" stock is often still allowed. (Although, some of the newer bills have added them specifically to the ban.)

Magazine Tip: Certain 9mm semi-automatic pistols are able to be loaded to full/almost full capacity by using the unmodified/unrestricted 10rd magazines from their .40sw variants loaded with 9mm ammo.

Shotgun Tip: In areas that have tube capacity limits for shotguns, often a non-permanent "plug" that limits the capacity is sufficient. This allows owners to keep their currently owned shotguns and restore them to original factory set-up upon expiration of the ban, moving to another area or selling them. (This tip applies to lever/pump action tube-fed rifles too.)

Magazine Tip: While certain areas do not allow the sale or purchase of magazines above a certain capacity, they do not have laws against bringing them into the state if legally purchased elsewhere. (This one has been tightened up in some recent bills.)

Law Enforcement Tip: Many areas have exemptions for law enforcement use. In many rural areas officers privately purchase their firearms for duty. In such areas, law enforcement officers (including part-time volunteers) may purchase otherwise restricted items such as full capacity magazines. (Furthermore, in some areas licensed security guards and fugitive recovery agents qualify for the law enforcement exemption.)

Barrel Tip: In areas the have minimum length for barrels, permanently attaching an appropriate length muzzle break will make the barrel length compliant. (Conversely, in areas that forbid muzzle brakes, the purchase of a new permitted length barrel will keep an existing rifle in compliance.)

Handguard Tip: In areas that classify a handguard as a banned feature, simply removing them (if all other features are still allowed) will make a rifle compliant. The operator can use a "magazine grip" when shooting the rifle. Moreover, depending on the area, a "quad-rail" may not be considered a "handguard" since it's "stated purpose" is to mount accessories... but IMO you'd be pushing your luck and probably lose UNLESS there is already an existing ruling in the area.)

Firearm Tip: Many manufacturers offer modified "state compliant" versions of their popular firearms that meet the legal requirements where the standard version would be illegal.

Legal Tip: It is legal in ALL (US) states, to write letters, peacefully protest, broadcast relative information, vote against and challenge in court people/laws that are in opposition to the rights of lawful firearm owners.
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