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I'll never have just one press on my bench. The 300 RUM and 45 ACP are just too different- so the 300 RUM will go on the single stage, and the 45 ACP goes through the ammo plant.

If you want a LNL, I would most likely get the ammo plant. For hangun rounds, it's just too nice. Set up the LNL and case feeder first, get a feel for it, then set up the bullet feeder.

The Bushing system is nice, but has it's pitfalls too. It takes a little while to get a feel for a GOOD bushing install, and one that will allow the die to "creep" because you haven't locked it in right and tight.

The PTX (Powder through Expander) included in your bullet feeder die is also a nice bonus.

If you get an ammo plant, you'll want case feeder plates- divided by large/small pistol/rifle. You'll also want bullet feeder dies for your handgun choices. The bullet feeder is allegedly going to be able to feed rifle bullets eventually for something like the .223. I'm not holding my breath, but I'll do a little dance when and if it happens. OK, maybe a big dance.

I broke the plastic bracket on the primer guide arm thing-a-ma-bob and they mailed me two PDQ. Hornady customer service isn't lacking. There's a Youtube how-to guide for the whole ammo plant setup published by Hornady itself. If you want to see it, that's as close to try before you buy as we're likely to get.
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