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Posts: 136 On either of the Mausers, cock on opening OR cock on closing, once the firing pin is cocked, and the safety is set, there is no tension on the trigger, the safety cams the firing pin back.
Therefore, when the trigger is pulled, and kept back, then the safety released, the firing pin will fall forward...firing the gun, if there is a cartridge in the chamber.
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Very good, that is where this thread started.

“Then the part Mr. Coffield described, the low safety, install the safety, assemble the bolt with the safety set, install the bolt, if after installing the bolt the safety is found to be loose the trigger will be under a load, pulling the trigger will release the cocking piece allowing the cocking piece to be supported by the safety only, again, releasing the safety will allow the firing pin to fall, if the rifle is loaded do not assume it will not fire”’

None of my Mausers are cocked until I close the bolt, I can lift the bolt, I can lower the bolt ,not magic, my rifle is cocked and I didn’t even open the bolt, that does not make my 98 Mausers cock on bolt handle lift, at the same time it did not require I open the bolt as in pulling the bolt back to put distance between the chamber and bolt face.

Cocking and ‘camming’ the firing pin assemble is not allowed to rotate with the bolt when the handle is raised, the firing pin assemble is held in place with the front of the firing pin, the flat sides of the firing pin fit into a slot in the front of the bolt, when the handle is raised the firing pin assemble cams back when the cocking piece engages the cam in rear of the bolt.

Terms unknown to smiths and reloaders, load and no load, I hope that did not confuse anyone.

Again, when the Mauser is cocked and the load is on the trigger, raise the safety, if after raising the safety there is no load on the safety why pull the trigger, When installing a 98 Mauser bolt I set the safety at 12 o'clock (straight up), if after I install the bolt I find the safety loose without a load as in the safety is in a no load condition I know is is pointless to continue BECAUSE! the 98 Mauser was never designed to be assembled in that configuration.

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