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.22 WRF

It's been a while since I've shot my great grandfather's old Colt Police Positive Target revolver, but when I did, it was a hoot - the gun is crazy accurate and, of course, a great piece of family history.

I've got around a thousand rounds of that Winchester .22WRF that they made in the '90s, which works fine, but you know how shooting .22s goes - it's so easy to burn through a ton of ammo quickly. So I see that CCI also makes .22WRF (which seems to be easier to get that .22LR these days). It has the caveat on the box, though, that it's not for revolvers.

Is that warning just to keep somebody from loading up their .22 mag revolver with .22WRF? I know that the bullet is about .001" bigger in diameter than regular .22s. I mean, there's nothing special about CCI's .22WRF that would prevent it from working properly in a revolver specifically chambered for .22WRF is there?
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