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SKS: The Poor Man's EBR PTII

hello all, a couple months ago I posted a thread entitled SKS: the Poor Man's EBR. if you really feel like reading the whole thing you can go ahead but I'll paraphrase here just to give the background.

about 2 weeks after SH happened I took my first trip into town since the panic struck, I was shocked, appalled by the empty spots in the racks the weeks earlier had been stuffed with AKs, ARs, mini14s and other paramilitary rifles. the only semis still on the racks were SKS and they were going for $500 in some places. finally on my last stop before leaving town I went to my local Black Sheep store and they had SKS for $239, they had 3 left and they even let me take my pick, I grabbed the one with the nicest looking wood which was still pretty ratty and had someones name carved in the side. I took it home and began a scheme to turn it into a EBR that would make even a republican say that it looked dangerous.

after doing little to no research I ordered 3 items to alleviate what I saw as the biggest downfalls of the SKS, non modular stock, low ammo cap, and combloc sights. I pre ordered tapco T6 stock and matching magazine from midway and ordered a TS200 rear mounted peep sight from tech sights. the sights arrived within days and after a great deal of work(for me anyway) I got the TS200 mounted. a short 20 round trip to the range and I had it hitting oxygen tanks at 200 yards with about 90% success, well above the accuracy I ever imagined based on the horrible experiences with a WASR 10/63 AK clone I gladly removed from my collection. the peeps make it much easier to get a good sight picture as it increases the sight radius by about 8 inches(it replaces the takedown pin and mounts to hte rear of the receiver and adds an aperture much more accommodating to the front sight than the leaf sights that commies seem to be so fond of.

the stock was horribly shrunken, had about 1/8" vertical play in the front and it rattled and wobbled like an airsoft gun. going off a suggestion from a member at SKSboards who claimed that the handguard rail on the tapco interferes with the TS sight, I had the opportunity to buy a ramline stock for $20 that I got with the intention of using the handguard and selling the stock with the tapco handguard to make the money back. the ramline handguard is a bit short but a little solder at each end fixed any lateral play. today the T6 finally arrived and the dang thing is the worst fitted, clunkiest piece of plastic I've ever tried to slap onto a gun, I wouldn't waste that stock on a hi point carbine if that's what it was meant for. I boxed it back up and out of desperation tried the ramline stock... took 7 seconds to fit to the rifle and if I didn't know any better I would say that this gun came with that stock from the factory.

the T6 is going to the gun show on saturday, shouldn't be too hard to find a buyer in this market. right now I would have to say though that if you can, get Ramline...leave Crapco on the shelves. as the title implies, this venture was made to see if it was possible to build an evil black rifle at an affordable cost, for my purposes I capped myself at $400. assuming that I can make back the money on the tapco stock I will be at $360 including the high cap mag. in all fairness though, the ramline normally costs $60 retail so the average bargain hunter would be put right at $400 or so, give or take sales tax and shipping.

still waiting on the 20 round mag from midway so I'll continue this thread with the final chapter once I get a range review going.
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