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For argument's sake would you mind sharing those reasons?
There are alot of one handed manipulations where you may not have a perfect grip on the gun which may make it impossible for you to rack the slide of your XD. Also, if you sustain an injury to your hand where you cannot hold the pistol as you normally would you may not be able to depress the grip safety as well as awkward shooting positions where you may have a less then ideal grip on your firearm. There are just alot of weird things that can and have happened during dynamic movement and if you have the chance to eliminate a potential issue that may occur with your hardware wouldn't it make sense to do so?

What's your definition of "serious work"?
Home defense, concealed carry, law enforcement, etc... If the gun is simply a range toy these issues have little merit and the XD seems to be an accurate gun with a pretty good trigger out of the box.
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