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I spent many years in San Antonio

as a child/teen and I have gone back many times since then. I now live in Virginia. I do not consider my stance on justice "limp wristed" (why not just come out and say what that really means. You do know it means "queer", right?). I do believe that I put more value on human life than do many others. Perhaps those two were hungry and trying to steal food for their families? Kill 'em all, right? Personally I would not take a human life unless my own or my family's safety was threatened. However, that's the law and (I assume) the thieves knew the risk going in.

On the question about knives and guns; the anti-knife laws were mainly used against the Mexicans (and other people of color) as they were more likely to carry one rather than spend the bucks on a gun (at least this was true back when these laws were passed). The Whites with their guns were always the favored groups and the law often looked the other way for their transgressions. (Again, back in the time these laws were passed. Today is a whole 'nother story.)

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