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Before you buy - you really need to get to a range / and shoot some of these guns ( probably pump guns ) that you're considering....

While the popular tactical guns are pump or semi-autos from Benelli, Mossberg and Remington - to buy something before you've shot these styles of guns / with relatively heavy payloads of "OO Buck" or probably going to result in you wasting your money....or ending up with a gun that you really don't like ...and won't shoot.

In shotguns you get what you pay for ...but you're going to see Tactical shotguns from $ 150 - $ 1,500 ..../ on the lower end - they really aren't much different ( most of them have some issues / they can all be cleaned up ) ...on the higher end you'll find guns like the Benelli M-4 ( a gas operated semi-auto ).

If I was going to buy a Tactical shotgun would be the Benelli M-4. The real question here do you really want a tactical shotgun...or will some other weapon suit you better ( like a handgun )...there is a lot to consider...

Get out and shoot some shotguns, in tactical configurations, before you make up your mind and spend your money ...take a class, get some experience.../ most gun shops will only know what they have in stock and what it costs...they aren't really in business to help you make an informed decison on what "Fits" you, what you should buy..../ maybe they should be - but they're not in my opinion.

Another option is to get what is a more typical "clay target gun" a 12ga, maybe a pump gun, with a 26" or 28" barrel ...and while its not an optimum "fighting" shotgun / its just fine for "Defense" ....and you can use it for a lot of other things. Look at guns like a Browning BPS Hunter model ...its a good solid pump gun for around $600 and a gun you'll have for a long time...changeable screw in chokes, versatile, easy to learn how to use, etc....
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