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Take the gun to the patterning check point of impact ( not pattern) to see where its shooting....

but with the bruising, it sounds to me like the gun doesn't fit you very should not be getting beat up. It might be as simple as a little more length of pull ...or some type of a comb pad to level out the angle on the comb...hard to tell / but talk to the guys at your club - and see if someone can give you a hand -and come up with some solutions on adjusting the drop at heel and drop at the comb.

I'm a big Citori fan....but the standard field combs / on the Lightning series ( and the gun you have is the forerunner to the Lightning series )...but the standard angled combs have way too much drop at comb for me ..and they beat the stuffing out of me as well I use an angled comb pad on that configuration - to change the angle so it slides under the cheekbones in my face...and I need about 1/2" more length of pull than is standard in Browning's "Field" O/U's...

But you can make that gun work with just a few adjustments..../ please don't just keep shooting it the way it is ....
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