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Brian Gibbons
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I fully understand your position, and like you, I would not shoot a guy stealing my chickens. However, should Texas law remove that option from the individual whose property is being pilfered? Some of us like to feel that our attitudes are more refined than those of others. Some of us feel that the use of deadly force to protect property is an obscene concept. I ask, would any of you who disaprove of the this Texas law be willing to post a large notice in your living room window proclaiming your viewpoint? It could read as follows; "Attention: Anyone entering these premises with criminal intent is hereby notified that I do not support the use of, and will not employ, nor permit anyone else to employ on my behalf, deadly force to protect my property".

(I saw a similar slogan on another site but I have yet to see it posted in anybody's window. I find it curious that there are so many anti-deadly force advocates out there yet none of them seem too anixous to make it publicly known).
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