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The kahr version?? A copy is a copy. It ether is a shooter or a collector

GI 1911a1. If I wanted a good shooting 1911a1 it would most likely not be a colt ether . That is one firearm that can be better under other names. And if you were so uninformed and bought a kahr instead you can't read or see, HA.

I just look at firearms as tools or collecting. If not the real deal it just a shooter.
Taursus version never , Well from 25 yards maybe it looks like a lighting but its still a taurus, Guess usfa is or was a better gun than some copies but why not by a real lighting with colt on it. . Today usfa is just plastic gun company.

Want a real lighting -

Oh I did not buy a 1911 copy. I have no use for one. I carry from the kahr line. I do like colts huntsman / woodsman line and have a couple from the 60's. First handgun I shot. I would never buy a usfa copy when nice orginials can be bought for the the same kind of money in 99%+ condition.

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