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"My part of the country is still in the dark ages on the subject."


The 14 north towards Lancaster.

Take the first exit after "A" at the northern edge of Lancaster: You are now in Kern County. If you get to Rosamond you are 5 miles too far north.

Buy the cheapest POS mobile home you can find and park a junk car next to it and register it there.

View with pride your new "residence". Go to Rosamind and enjoy dinner at "Si Senor Taco" (trust me here).

Apply for your CCW to the Kern County Sherriff.

Carry anyplace in CA your little heart desires.

Use your mobile home for weekends, and walk out into the desert and shoot just about anything you like.

The difference between CA and other places is that CA may as well be 30 different small states. Some are effectively shall-issue. Some are effectively "no-issue". Equal protection under the law anyone?

In NJ it's no-issue in disguise, in IL it's no-issue until June.


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