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Just read an artical in an older handloaders magazine, of how to build accurate loads & what was worth doing...

the author found that cleaning pockets & uniforming flasholes didn't seem to make enough difference to warrent the work...

... I'll add, that I do like clean primer pockets enough, that I clean them... used to use a brush in my RCBS case prep center... I guess I don't like "scrapeing" brass out of the primer pocket, & now just wet tumble them with stainless pins, & the cases look like new, inside & out, & including the primer pockets...

... uniforming flash holes... with my cases so clean, I can easier inspect for burrs, or smaller than normal flash holes... if I find a couple in a "lot" of brass, I'll run the whole lot though the case prep center with a flash hole uniforming tool ( I use a Lyman tool )

if the flash holes look decient, then I don't do that step...

... I've actually been considering uniforming the flash holes on semi auto mixed case lots, so my loads will be more uniform, & I don't run into any function issues, since all will have the same primers, powder, powder charge, & bullet weights, if the flash holes are very different in size, just seems like I should uniform the flash holes
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