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scott did she just get divorced?? Sounds like someone is paying for something gone wrong. Your a lucky man, or maybe a good man.
Nah - no drama like that. She's ex-military and a competitive shooter, and she's always bought & stored ammo in huge amounts. She gave me a bunch, but I can't even imagine how much she still has left. I know that I saw two full cases of Lapua .22, and I know she has more on backorder.

I hope you're not tumbling loaded ammo....
Yep, it's loaded, but there's no danger of detonation, as slowly as the cartridges were moving through the media (think 1-2 inches per second). I know that in theory, the powder granules inside the case can be abraded and smoothed by the vibration, but I don't think it's any worse that what happens to it as it's shipped across the country. The guys who have actually chronographed tumbled vs. non-tumbled ammo haven't found any differences.

Also, .45 ACP is a fairly low-pressure round, so even if there is a microscopic change in the powder granules, It's not as if I was starting off on the ragged edge of safety, pressure-wise.
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