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My experience mirrors schmellba99- I recently finished a run of 4k 223(yes I had the foresight and good luck to stock up on components prior to the insanity) and my total count on the LnL is in excess of 14k to date.
I had some minor issues when I first received it 3 or 4 years ago-it was an early model with the dreaded wire ejector-an admittedly lousy design. As soon as I saw the upgrade for the newer ejector system I sent in my shell plates to be machined and the unit is just about perfect for me.
Fast and cheap caliber change outs, very good powder metering, esp. with ball powders, I can hold .1gr tolerance on most powders and quite frankly for most of what I load that is very good. When I load precision stuff it gets single stage treatment in my Co-Ax press an powder is measured to the .02gr on the Gemtech.
Do I hate "red" like some other serial posters-NOPE.
Do I use "Blue" - Yes I have much Dillon equiptment.
I find that each has its pluses and minuses and I use what works for me.
The LnL works for me.

There are quite a few side by side comparisons that are posted on various blogs and forums and most are quite even handed-search out a couple and read.
Do your "due diligence" and decide what is right for you.

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