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Chris Van
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Steven, hopefully this will be back on track and more of what you were looking for in this thread. My wife carries an LCR and for the simplicity and dependability she can't beat it. But, it is by no means her favorite gun to shoot. After a day at the range, she complains about it making her hand sore. A larger framed gun such as a 9mm (Glock 26 or PT111) like I carry does not make her hand hurt after a day of shooting. But she can also have trouble loading the magazines or working the slide on a semi auto. Hence the reason for her sticking to the LCR for carry.
I'm pretty new to this board (posting anyway) so I know exactly how you feel. When others see that you are new here and assume that you have never seen a firearm before. But like all internet forums, you gotta weed through a little BS to get lots of really good info that plenty of people out there have to offer.
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