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Chris Van
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As a kid I can remember my dad having a Ruger 44 that was the coolest gun I had ever seen. I don't remember what model it was, I was about 12-15 when he had that one but I wanna say it had like an 8" barrell on it, stainless with pachmyer grips. I even bought him a Pro Point scope for Christmas with my own money.
Oh yeah, I worked at a local gun shop from about 15-17 so that helped.
I think the pro point scopes had just came out. (This was in the late 80's ya know) I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with that gun back then but it sure was cool to tell my buddies about shooting it...LOL
Sorry for rambling on in your thread but I've always felt that if I ran across the right deal I would have one of these myself one day. And it looks like you ran across the right deal.
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