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Chris Van
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My wife carries a Ruger lcr but prefers to shoot a 9mm for recreational shooting. You mentioned that your wife will be using it as well.
I recently sold a Glock 26 and somehow purchased a Taurus Millenneium pro 9mm and have been very happy with it soo far. Those 2 guns have a very similar feel to me. My wife had some problems with the Glock, such as loading the magazine and pulling the slide back, as well as "limp wristing" causing the gun to jam. She doesn't have to worry about any of that with her LCR. But the smaller gun is not as "fun" to shoot as the 9mm's to her.
Someone earlier also mentioned the "gadgets" such as laser pointers. Her LCR is equipped with the laser grips (I forget the brand) and after shooting about a box of shells through the gun and being pretty accurate with it, I took the battery out and she used it without the laser for quite some time. After plenty of training/practice and being pretty damn accurate without the laser, we put the batteries back in for her to have. I couldn't stress enough that the laser is a neat little toy to have but that's all it is and to NEVER count on that little red dot.
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