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How comfortable are you with your AR mag quantity??

I put a bunch of backorders in just days after SH as the panic was just gearing up.. Most of it has come in.. Waiting on 4 more lancer mags from midway..

Will this be enough for me for a potential lifetime?

7 - Lancer L5AWM FDE
6 - Pmags Gen 3 Black
3 - Pmags Gen 2 window
2 - Lancer L5 translucent
12 - Lancer L5AWM black
2 - Lancer L5AWM smoke

with the addition of 4 more..that puts me at 34. Would you be comfortable?

Note: All of my magazines were purchased from Brownells, Midway, Botach, and 1 order from

On another note.. the dang Lancer FDE mags are different in color and dont really match my B5 sopmod bravo FDE stock.

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