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First day out with the Citori

Really putting the effort into liking this gun, I must learn to shoot an O/U like the rest of the civilized folks. First off, I do like the way it snuggles into my shoulder. I know the short stuff is out of favor but those 26" barrels end just where I'm used to them ending so that was a no brainer. Got to the range early and they were setting up for a quick game of 5 stand sporting clays. Granted I haven't shot any kind of clay in about 6 months and 5 stand isn't my game but I was worried at the end. 42 rds to hit 12 targets. Gun was flawless other than shooting in a different zipcode. But maybe it was just me.
Hit the skeet field with a group of new shooters and one of the veterans. Turned out to be a good thing because as he was explaining the game to them he was reminding me of some things I had forgotten. Eked out a sad 17 but was definately shooting better toward the end. Shot one more round with a couple of the vets that went much faster. Was shooting much better, follow thru was much cleaner. Managed a 21 (danged low 8 still just eats me lunch). So a tad under my normal average with my beloved 311 but passable. One thing I noticed after 100 rds. That Browning buttpad is hard. Even with my reduced 3/4 oz loadsit left a pretty good bruise which is not good for me. Swapped the pad for a limbsaver today that should take some of the sting out of it. Who knows, I may just learn to like this one. That'd give Dave a kick.
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