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Feel like I won the lottery!

I was hanging out with a friend this weekend, and mentioned that I was having a hard time finding 9mm ammo. She tells me "I don't shoot 9mm any more, but I may have some you can have".

She wasn't kidding - she goes to a closet and pulls out a gallon Ziploc that's nearly full of ammo and hands it to me! She asks "need any .45?", and hands me another gallon bag of .45 ACP ammo.

When I got home and counted/sorted it, there were about 1100 rounds of 9mm - about 400 each of Speer GDHP 124gr and Federal Hydra-Shock 124gr, and ~300 assorted FMJ round-nose and flat-point.

There were about 700 rounds of .45 ACP, mostly 230gr lead round-nose. The .45 was tarnished, but I tumbled it and it came out smooth (although still tarnished).

For the forseeable future, my friends aren't going to need to bring any ammo when we go shooting, although it's going to feel positively decadent using hollow points to blast paper!
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