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Ask your FIL for advice. He'll appreciate it, and you may learn something.
This is very good advice for several reasons. Your wife's family will share their experience as well as their hardware and maybe their ammo stash for free and not try to sell you something that your wife shouldn't depend on. They might not think much of you, but they won't want her hurt by their actions.

Learning from knowledgeable friends is another good way. Don't be surprised if they push to a higher quality more expensive gun first. I was encouraged to go with a stainless S&W revolver in .357 and I'm so glad I went that route. My friend coached me and helped me learn the ropes of shooting ranges and made sure I handled his guns safely until it would have been useless and a waste of money for me to go with a .22 first. I paid his range fees and bought ammo. I knew something about what I wanted when I was ready to purchase my own. There are a lot of reasons for having a revolver, so get some experience and learn the tradeoffs before you jump straight to a semi-auto.
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