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Help picking a shotgun

Hello all,

I have been around guns most of my life although i dont have much experience shooting iv done a ton of research online and i feel i need to hear from the hobby.

I am looking for my first weapon, specifically a shotgun for home defense. Looking for something that will hold multiple shells, and of course trust it to be reliable enough to protect my family..

What would you guys suggest considering im new and it would be strictly for home defense. I am also in the process of filing for the pistol permit for new york and with all that's going on I have no clue how that will go.

I called my local gun shop asked them what was the procedure for purchasing a shot gun they told me to come on in pick a gun show i.d and put my info into the computer for the back round and if it checks out take it home. I read horror stories of people going to gun shops blind and trusting them to pair you with the right weapon and it going bad.

so i would love to hear from you guys.


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