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I tend to warn folks about foam disintegrating and becoming sticky and I’ve seen it happen many times in the internals of electronic gadgets usually at or near the battery. Yet non of my pistols stored in a safe using a Gun Guard and/or Doskocil plastic case using what I believe is open cell foam has given any issues over a period of about 30 years+. These cases help prevent rust much better than the non-padded or blow molded plastic cases that came originally with the pistols.

The above cased pistols are simply placed into a Samsonite along with other stuff for range or outing use. The used dirty gun goes back into the case for later cleaning.

My guess is some of the lube in/on the pistol gets into the foam and helps keep the pistol rust free. I don’t normally use a treated cloth to wipe my pistols.

I use Hoppe’s no. 9 for the bore and breach and once satisfied with the cleaning I switch to heavy kerosene to remove all of the Hoppe’s. The same kerosene is used for other parts of the pistol and removed before oiling. I’m not very concerned about having to remove absolutely all the kerosene like the Hoppe’s bore cleaner.

Additionally the pistols stored in the above cases are all blue steel guns, no Glock’s. The Glock’s are either in the OEM Tupperware case or out somewhere.

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