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I can speak for rifle reloads. I reload .308 and .223. I shoot ALOT and there fore reload alot at one time. I have yet to "hand" clean a primer pocket. What i do is, run my fired brass through the tumbler. Then, lube, resize/decap, and then with the lube still on them, put them right in the tumbler again. Ive found that skipping the second tumbling will make seating a primer a bit tough sometimes...depends on the brass. But, after the second tubling, the primer seats perfectly and easily every time. And the added bonus is your brass gets an extra cleaning and is super shiny! I havent seen a difference in accuracy. Nor have i seen any signs of flattened primers or primers popping out after firing. Again i cant speak for pistol ammo but my rifle reloads have been flawless thus far. I reload 100-300 at a time.
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