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Alabama's "south" zone opens 15March and will run till the end of April. The rest of the state opens 31March (I think) which is unfortunately Easter Sunday this year. Hmmmm?

I have not made a south zone hunt in 3-4 years, since gasoline prices went ballistic. When I did, I hit Sam MurpHy WMA. But driving back and forth to scout, and then to hunt when it opened, got to expensive. They also clearcut my favorite area, which was a real heartbreaker. (this on Murphy)

Black Warrior is an absolutely huge area. What little time I spent on it was in an area known as Penitentry (?) Mtn, near Moulton. Much of that area got logged as well, and its been years since I've been in there too. If you like to hoof it, the Sipsey Wilderness Area is a major chunk of no vehicle real estate.
I would not walk into Sipsey w/o prior knoweledge of where some birds would be on it.

I'm not sure if Black Warrior is in the the south zone that opens early, but I will check, if somebody else doesn't advise prior.

My single best piece of advice is ,if at all possible, to find some turkeys in advance, by driving about and glassing, checking ROW's, private pasture that may abutt the public land, and food plots.

Heard my first gobble of spring this past Sat AM, about 0800.
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