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The first picture looks like an officers field desk from the 40s... That might be worth hanging on too, collectors love stuff like that, especially if it belonged to a combat unit say in WWII.

The 20mm ammo crates looks like a Rifle Fired parachute flare commonly used in WWII, its a shoulder fired munition, from a rifle, probably the M1, dunno if it was for live ammo or training rounds or what cause i cant pull up the lot number W2-90-10001...

It looks like you also have some old foot lockers, Basic storage for any soldier during the 30s,40s,50, pretty much up until 90s, then the army started weeding them out. But not uncommon to see to this day...

As far as what you could get for them??? Im no expert, but i would say the only thing that might be worth anything if anything at all would be the Field Table, even then unless you knew who it belonged to, what they did, was it used during wartime, things like that always make the value increase...
Question tho, what does the White stencil on the top of the Field Desk Say, i cant read it from the picture?

Sorry i cant be of much help, but all cool stuff non the less...
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