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As you said, there are many laws, especially some old ones, both pertaining to wildlife as well as laws in general that the only reason they are on the books is nobody has ever bothered contesting them. LE thinks they are stupid and should be changed, so do citizens. But regardless, they are the law and a LEO must enforce them. And yes, many times a LEO does not enforce things as harshly as they could.

I don't know the populace on welfare in Iowa(or other states with such ridiculous laws) but here in Ohio, there are less fortunate families that would love to receive the extra meat from a roadkill deer. There are also food pantries around the state that will take processed deer as well for the needy.

For those wanting the laws changed in Iowa, this could be a very convincing point of interest in getting things changed when talking to your Representatives. Too, even more of your tax dollars can be saved due to the fact that a gub'ment worker is not being sent out to dispose of the carcass. And yes, there is usually a dumping fee charged to the Twp.,county,city or state by the landfill for the dumping of the carcass as well...more of your tax dollars saved.

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