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I Love these old pics

That one pic you talked about where he looked as though he might have suffocated, that's certainly possible. I can't remember seeing any obvious wounds but remember a possible improvised dressing to the lower right leg?
As far as his body position goes, the impression I got from first glance was that he was being treated in that position. propped up.
As far as these north field pics, I started laughing because I swear those photographers were staging those blood You know that undertaker was "taking care of the burials" in return for a bit of commerce from the pics and body viewing etc. The blood is BS. All those guys had been cleaned up so there's gonna be no blood flow. That over lay of the anatomy was interesting but misleading as far as proportion and positioning. But it gives a decent idea of the underlying structures. So tell me about your relative Bob Younger. I'm afraid all I know is from movies such as the long riders, etc.
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