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I've had one for 4 or 5 years now, and like any other machine, it will have individual quirks that you'll need to get worked out. But they should be very minor in scope, and once you get them worked out, it should run like a champ.

The post above talking about inconsistent loads for rifle is completely opposite my experience. I finished up a run of about 3000 .223 rounds for my AR (using ball powder - H335), and checked my charge every 100 rounds. I was never more than .1 grain off on a charge the entire run. Some powders do meter better than others, but unless you are loading match rounds, the LnL will produce very high quality ammo if you do your part.

If I had to guess on how many rounds I've loaded on it, it would be in excess of 10k. No issues on my end with ball or flake powder (never used stick). My priming system gave me a few fits, but some improvements on the design on my part fixed those up quite nicely. Pistol and rifle rounds both get loaded on my setup without issue.

rajbican (or whatever his name is) will be along shortly to tell you how he hates the LnL and is all Dillon blue, so be prepared.
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