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I have the same Model 10 FP with the hidden magazine.

I have shot more than 5500 rounds through it and it still shoots accurately.

After I had it for two months I started reloading and after almost 3 years I have loaded more than 15,500 rounds for 7 rifle calibers.

I generally shoot really good factory ammo in my rifles (all but the AK47) and save quite a bit by reloading - enough to allow me to shoot way more than I ever could if I had to buy factory ammo.

I haven't really saved any money but I have shot a heck of a lot more than I could have.

I can load a match grade .308 for less than 0.50 cents even at today's prices.
I really got the bug and paid for a very expensice reloading equipment set in about 4 months with what I saved by not buying Federal Gold Match ammo.
At today's prices it would be even quicker.

After I paid off the $1400 in reloading equipment, I still have "saved almost $9500 over the last 3 years. That went to more ammo of course but my shooting and reloading skills have really improved.

All of the rifles that I load for easily outperform factory ammo accuracy with my hand loads. Some of the really accurate rifles average half the group sizes compared to factory ammo.

I think you'll have a lot of fun reloading and you will really learn about your rifle if you experiment and keep meticulous records.
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