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Great thread

Just a note to thank Johny Guest who started this thread and the other commentators who tore apart his logic and offered dissent and/or agreement;

Thank you. Sincerely. As someone who is an experienced re-loader but has never reloaded 45acp or cast bullets, the conversation presented here puts me in a position to where I really think I can start loading them, have some ideas of what to watch out for and produce a quality accurate load the first time out. Eliminate a lot of the trial and error that comes with picking up a new cartridge to reload.

The dies are back-ordered and the only bullets available 'in stock' are the cast RN. It'll be April before I can actually start making bullets. My bad for not ordering the dies and bullets in November when I first considered that I should be reloading 45acp.

Anyway; great thread. Thanks again.
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