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As a service to others trying to read this -

I have one. It works great.

One issue is finding shell plates for it right now. Also, you won't get constant rifle loads out of the powder drop so when I load rifle rounds I hand meter.

However, it works great on my .40 -- I can crank out 100 rounds an hour.

You put the case and bullet feeders on it and you have an ammo plant which can create 500 an hour.

I like it because I can load .40 because of the die bushings. Once you set the dies up you don't have to set them again. Then you can switch to .223 by taking the powder drop off and swaping dies. Then if you want to go to .45ACP change the primer feeder for small to large at the powder measure and the dies and adjust the measure for that load and you're loading .45.

I love it. It is pricey though -- $500 after tax at Cabelas -- but Hornady gives you 500 free bullets after mail in for buying it.

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